Meet the Plenary speakers

Dr. Hans-Peter Ebert

ZAE Bayern, Germany

Thermal characterization of high-performance insulation – not always an easy task.

Dr. Erhard Kaschnitz

Österreichisches Gießerei-Institut (ÖGI)

High temperature thermophysical properties for the numerical simulation of construction materials exposed to fire load

Prof. Dr. Anne Hofmeister

Washington University, MO, USA

Experimental and theorectical evidence for heat being conducted in solids by diffusing infrared light

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Yuji Nagasaka

Department of System Design Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan

Grating Excitation Techniques: Creation of Nano/Microscale Transport Properties Sensing Engineering and Its Progress


Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Complexity of Plutonium Phase Stability as Revealed by Thermal Expansion

Prof. Dr. Ankur Jain

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department,
The University of Texas at Arlington

Direct and Inverse Heat/Mass Diffusion Problems in Li-ion Batteries and Drug Delivery Devices

Prof. Dr. Jarad Mason

Havard University, USA

Manipulating Thermal Transport in Metal–Organic Materials

Dr. Takashi Yagi 

National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Ultra-fast heat diffusion measurement – application to thin layers, interfaces and extreme conditions (preliminary)

Dr. Tetsuya Baba

National Institute for Materials Research, Japan

Evolution of the laser flash method for bulk materials to the ultra fast laser flash method for thin films by pico/nano second repetitive pulsed light heating